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Red Class


Mrs Hesselworth - Class Teacher Mrs Hesselworth
Mrs Vaughan - Teaching Assistant Mrs Vaughan
Miss Groombridge - Teaching Assistant / Administration Assistant Miss Groombridge
Mrs Willson - Teaching Assistant Mrs Willson


The nursery offers both 15 hours and 30 hours per week during term times, depending on individual funding. These are provided in either a morning, an afternoon or all-day sessions. The Nursery offers an early drop for a £1 Charge. Extra sessions can be offered depending on Nursery availability. These sessions will have an extra charge of £15 for 3 hours. We do not accept children under 3 years of age.

  • AM: Monday to Friday 09:00 to 12:00
  • PM: Monday to Friday 12:00 to 15:00
  • All-day: Monday to Friday 09:00 to 15:00


Our topics this year are:

  • Term 1: All About Me
  • Term 2: Colours
  • Term 3: Nursery Rhymes
  • Term 4: More Fantastic Stories
  • Term 5: Growing/ Food
  • Term 6: People At Work  

The Red Class 2020-2021

Home Learning 

Our home learning timetable can be used as a guidance tool for those parents whose children are self-isolating due to COVID-19. This timetable can be used alongside the activity sheets below which will be posted every week, correlating to the topic we are learning at school. 

Nursery Home Learning Routine

Home Learning Curriculum Sheet

Term 3 - 2021 

Nursery Rhymes!

Term 3 Nursery Rhymes Overview

Week 3 - Pat a Cake/ I am the Baker Man

Home Learning Activties -Term 3 Week 3

Week 2 - Humpty Dumpty/ Jack and Jill

Home Learning Activities Term 3 - Week 2

15th January 2021 - Nursery Newsletter

Week 1 - Ba Ba Black Sheep/ Horsey Horsey

Home Learning Activties Term 3 - Week 1

8th January 2021- Nursery Newsletter

Term 2 - 2020


We have had lots of fun creating our Christmas decorations! Please seem below some photos of the children making their Christmas crafts! Thank you for your continued support. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and stay as safe as possible.

DarbieDeilanStarElliotSophieFayeOscarGeorgiaMillieHarlee 2MiaIslaMason 2JaxLillyLayla

Week 7 - Christmas

17th December 2020 - Nursery Newsletter

Home Learning Activities Term 2 - Week 7

Week 6 - Christmas

Home Learning Activities Term 2 - Week 6

11th December 2020 - Nursery Newsletter

Week 5 

Home Learning Activties Term 2-Week 5

Week 4 - Elmer 

Home Learning Activties Term 2-Week 4

Week 3 - Elmer

Home Learning Activties Term 2 - Week 3

20th November 2020 - Nursery Newsletter

Week 2 - Sorting colour

Home Learning Activties Term 2 - Week 2

13th November 2020 - Nursery Newsletter

Week 1 - Brown Bear, Brown Bear

6th November 2020 - Nursery Newsletter

Term 1 - 2020

All about me!

Week 8- Our Likes/Dislikes!

23rd October 2020 - Nursery Newsletter

Week 7 - Growing!

Thank you for all of your donations for Eco Week! Here are some photos of the Nursery children enjoying planting with their friends.

   IMG 0650 IMG 0348 IMG 0355 IMG 0649

16th October 2020 - Nursery Newsletter

Week 6 - Our Nursery!

9th October 2020 - Nursery Newsletter

Week 5 - Our Friends!

2nd October- Nursery Newsletter

Eco Week Poster

Week 4 - Our Shapes!

25th September 2020 - Nursery Newsletter

Week 3 - All about me!

18th September 2020- Nursery Newsletter

Week 1/2 - Getting to know you!

We have had a busy first full week at nursery! This week we have spent some time getting to know our teachers and making lots of new friends! We have thoroughly enjoyed playing with the toys in our nursery and getting to enjoy our brilliant outside area too!


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