Who's Who

Leadership Team

Mel odell Miss O'Dell Headteacher
Image Miss Biot Deputy Headteacher
Mrs L Buckingham Dudley Mrs Buckingham-Dudley Assistant Headteacher / SENCO

Nursery Staff

Mrs D Hesselworth Mrs Hesselworth Nursery Manager / Nursery Teacher
Mrs D Vaughan Mrs Vaughan Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Willson Mrs Willson Nursery Teaching Assistant
Myles kearney Mr Kearney Nursery Teaching Assistant
Claire willson photo Miss Willson Nursery Teaching Assistant
Jessica Huntley Miss Huntley Teaching Assistant

Reception Staff

Lily russell Miss Russell Reception Teacher
Mrs H Baacke Mrs Baacke Reception Teacher 
Mrs H Gerrard Mrs Gerrard  HLTA
Mrs L Fisher Mrs Fisher Reception Teaching Assistant
Yvonne fagg Mrs Fagg Reception Teaching Assistant

Year One

Louise buddle Mrs Buddle Year One Teacher
Miss H Ditchburn Miss Ditchburn Year One Teacher
Mrs S Booth Mrs Booth Year One Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Goldup Mrs Goldup Year One Teaching Assistant
Gemma may Mrs May Year One Teaching Assistant

Year Two

Miss L Philpott Miss Philpott Year Two Teacher
Mr W Talbot Mr Talbert Year Two Teacher
Ms M Edwards Mrs Edwards Year Two Teaching Assistant
Staff25 Mrs Quinn Year Two Teaching Assistant

Support Staff

Mrs M Swaffer Mrs Swaffer Pupil and Parent Support
Katherine moloney Miss Moloney PA to the Headteacher / Office Manager
Karen 2 Miss Griffiths Office Admin Assistant
Miss S Harding Mrs Harding Wrap Around Care Support
Lisa brazil Miss Brazil Lunch time Supervisor
Gillian jarvis Mrs Jarvis Lunch time Supervisor