Who's Who

Leadership Team

Mel odell Miss O'Dell Headteacher
Image Miss Biot Deputy Headteacher
Natalie barrow Ms Barrow Trust Deputy Headteacher
Mrs L Buckingham Dudley Mrs Buckingham-Dudley Assistant Headteacher / SENCO

Nursery Staff

Mrs D Hesselworth Mrs Hesselworth Nursery Manager / Nursery Teacher
Miss K Groombridge Mrs Whittle Nursery Administrator and Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Vaughan Mrs Vaughan Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Willson Mrs Willson Nursery Teaching Assistant
Myles kearney Mr Kearney Nursery Teaching Assistant
Claire willson photo Miss Willson Nursery Teaching Assistant

Reception Staff

Lily russell Miss Russell Reception Teacher
Mrs H Baacke Mrs Baacke Reception Teacher 
Mrs H Gerrard Mrs Gerrard  HLTA
Mrs L Fisher Mrs Fisher Reception Teaching Assistant
Yvonne fagg Mrs Fagg Reception Teaching Assistant

Year One

Louise buddle Mrs Buddle Year One Teacher
Miss H Ditchburn Miss Ditchburn Year One Teacher
Mrs S Booth Mrs Booth Year One Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Goldup Mrs Goldup Year One Teaching Assistant

Year Two

Miss L Philpott Miss Philpott Year Two Teacher
Mr W Talbot Mr Talbert Year Two Teacher
Ms M Edwards Mrs Edwards Year Two Teaching Assistant
Staff25 Mrs Quinn Year Two Teaching Assistant

Support Staff

Mrs M Swaffer Mrs Swaffer Pupil and Parent Support
Katherine moloney Miss Moloney PA to the Headteacher / Office Manager
Karen 2 Miss Griffiths Office Admin Assistant
Miss S Harding Mrs Harding Wrap Around Care Support
Lisa brazil Miss Brazil Lunch time Supervisor
Gillian jarvis Mrs Jarvis Lunch time Supervisor