Thematic Curriculum

The thematic curriculum consists of History, Geography, Science, Art, Design and Technology and Computing.  

At Shatterlocks & Barton we have designed our curriculum carefully using the National Curriculum standards as well as Sonar Curriculum to ensure that knowledge and skills are taught progressively and built upon in each year starting in the Early Years at Shatterlocks and finishing in Year 6 at Barton.  

Each term, year groups complete all their learning from the above subjects around an overarching theme. Teachers work collaboratively to design termly learning journeys using medium term planning which not only builds on and extends knowledge and skills but also provides our children with a broad range of exciting and memorable learning opportunities.  

Exciting local trips, creative learning opportunities, immersive themed days and parental events are planned to ensure that lessons are practical and engaging.   

Please click on the year group tabs on the right to view termly planning. 

For more information regarding how knowledge is built upon within each subject, please click on the links below.


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