Breakfast Club and After School Club - Extended School Facilities



The School provides a Breakfast Club and an After School Club.  The hours are:

Breakfast Club 8.00am - 8.40am £ 1.50 per day

After School Club 3.20pm - 5.30pm £7.00 per day

Spaces for both clubs are limited, and must be booked 24 hours in advance using the MyChildAtSchool app under Wrap Around Care. 




Breakfast Club staff are Mrs Sonya Harding ( leader) and Mrs Lyn Willson

After School Club staff are Mrs Sue Booth ( leader) and Mrs Sonya Harding

At Breakfast Club there are lots of different healthy breakfast choices available. We have a variety of cereals including, Corn Flakes, Rice Snaps, Frosted Flakes, Honey Hoops, Malted Wheaties, Wheat Bisks as well as porridge. There are different types of bread available for toast with a choice of different spreads. We also have a variety of drinks and plenty of fruit.

At After School Club there are lots of different healthy food choices available. Children can enjoy toast with a choice of different spreads alongside foods such as beans, toasted sandwiches, noodles, wraps and fruit. We also have the choice of water or squash to drink.


Breakfast Club poster

After School Club poster