Early Years Foundation Stage

In the Early Years Foundation Stage at Shatterlocks, we treat each child individually, foster their interests, develop their skills and encourage them to become independent learners.  We aim to meet the needs of all pupils by providing a broad and balanced curriculum with lots of opportunities for first-hand experiences.  All learning experiences will enable children to become independent, curious, confident, determined, respectful, and will foster a sense of belonging.  

At Shatterlocks we follow the statutory framework and the non-statutory guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage (Development Matters).  The Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework sets out the curriculum areas as follows: 

Prime areas: 

Communication & Language

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        Personal, Social and Emotional 

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    Physical Development    

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Specific areas: 


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 Understanding the World     

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 Expressive Art

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At the heart of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is the characteristics of effective learning. These focus on how children learn and enable us to ensure we provide opportunities to develop these essential skills for learning in young children.

Playing and Exploring 


Active Learning 


Creating and Thinking Critically