Welcome to the Reception Class Page!

Class Teacher Mrs Buckingham Dudley
Class Teacher Mrs Buddle
Class Teacher Mrs Baacke
Teaching Assistant Miss Cope
Teaching Assistant Mrs Clark
Teaching Assistant Mrs Fisher
Specialist HLTA Mrs Gerrard

Our Topics this year are:

Term One: Ourselves

Term Two: Amazing world and celebrations

Term Three: Imagination

Term Four: Adventure Stories

Term Five: People Who Help Us

Term Six: Popular Culture

Class Email

We now have our class email addresses up and running and would love to hear from you with messages or pictures of what you have been doing whilst at home! We are also here for any questions or queries you may have, please do not hesitate to email us at the following email addresses:

Tiny Turtles

Sparkling Seahorses

Home Learning Term 6 Week 7 Summer


Term 6 Week 7 Summer

Seaside Labelling

Summer Activity Booklet

Summer Home Learning Challenge Sheet

Winter and Summer Clothes Sorting Activity

Summer Powerpoint

Home Learning Term 6 Week 6 Superheroes


T6 Week 6 Superheroes

Addition Sheets

Letter Formation

Missing Number Sheet

Pencil Control Sheet

Superhero Mask

Superhero Sentences Powerpoint

Home Learning Term 6 Week 5 Castles


Term 6 Week 5 Castles Princesses and Knights

2D shape castles.pdf

Castle Handwriting Pencil Control Sheet


Design a Princess Dress

Label a Castle


Knights and Castles Missing Number Worksheet

Home Learning Term 6 week 4 Peppa Pig


Term 6 Week 4 Peppa Pig

Peppa Counting Sheets

Peppa Family Time activities

Peppa Pig Activity Sheets

Term 6 Week 3 Home Learning Peter Rabbit


Term 6 Week 3

KS1 Peter Rabbit Addition and Subtraction PowerPoint

The Tale of Peter Rabbit I Spy With My Little Eye Activity

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Pencil Control Sheets

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Playdough Mats


I Spy and Count

Carrot Number Bond Cut-Outs

Prompt Card

Activity Guide

Peter Rabbit Mats

Carrot Vowel and Consonant Cut-Outs

Peter Rabbit Word Building Mats

Sorting Posters

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Powerpoint

Term 6 Week 2 Home Learning Charlie and Lola


Term 6 Week 2

Cbeebies- Charlie and Lola Activity Book


Home Learning Activity Boolet Level 3

Make and Do Charlie and Lola

Rubbish or Recycling Activity

Term 6 Week 1 Home Learning Trains


Term 6 Week 1 Trains

Shape Train Picture Pack

Train Addition sheet

Train Subtraction Worksheets

Train Themed Pencil Control Sheets

The Train Journey Song

The Passengers got on Two by Two

I'm a Little Engine

Down at the Station

Chugging Down the Track Song Powerpoint