Year One - Silver Birch and Holly Tree Class

Welcome to Silver Birch and Holly Tree Class - Year One


Silver Birch (Betula pendula) Bareroot | UK Delivery | Naturescape Growing Holly Bushes: How To Grow And Care Of Holly Bushes


Silver Birch Class Teacher: Miss Philpott

Silver Birch Teaching Assistant: Mrs Goldup


Holly Class Teacher: Miss Ditchburn

Holly Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs Booth


Term One: Terrific Toys

Term Two: The Incredibles

Term Three: Glorious Great Britain and Northern Ireland 

Term Four: London's Burning

Term Five: Growing Up

Term Six: At The Seaside


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To support each child with learning at home all Year One children have been given their own personal login and password to access the website.

Please visit:

Challenges and tasks we be set weekly by the teachers - please keep a look out for any updates.

If you are having problems logging in or have difficulty accessing the website please contact the class email addresses above.

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To support your child's reading from home each child will have access to a broad range of digital reading books.

Each eBook features an audio recording that is synchronisedto the text, highlighting 

each word as it is heard. The eBooks also include checkpoint quizzes and an end of book quiz to check children’s comprehension skills.