Year 2 (Parrot & Sparrow Class)

             Welcome to Year Two


          Sparrow    and    Parrot


Sparrow Class Teacher Miss Philpott
Parrot Class Teacher Mr Talbert
Teaching Assistant Mrs Booth
Teaching Assistant Mrs Quinn
Teaching Assistant Mrs May

Term Three - Location - Location

We start this term looking at one of Aesop's fables - The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse. The children will then be fully immersed in everything to do with the US state of New York - The location of our next book Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold and also the place we will learn about for Multicultural Arts Week.


Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3

Term 1 - Week 1 - Login details, contact with teachers, P.E Day, what to bring and what not to bring... We're back... As Birds!


We will hopefully have our very own class email address set up and running really soon and would love to hear from you with messages or pictures of what you have been doing whilst at home! 

In the meantime, we are also here for any questions or queries you may have.  Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by phoning the school office. Please rest assure that all messages will reach us.

Please email, instead of passing on messages after school. Thank you.

Star of the Week - Class Mascots

J          Bobby the Sparrow          Bodacious Beak Parrot


If your child is lucky enough to be awarded this weeks 'Star of the Week' award they we be able to take home their classes mascot...

Please take them on an adventure and record your adventure through, pictures, writing and anything imaginable on the sheets of paper given to your child...

As our whole school celebration assembly now takes place on Monday you will have even longer to spend with each mascot.

Please look after our mascots and return them the following Monday, so they are ready to go on an adventure with one of your classmates...

Ttrockstars 1030x748 1024x744

Times Table Rockstars - How to join, start 'jamming' and become the ultimate times table Rock Legend...

In the coming weeks your child will be coming home with a sticker stuck in the inside the front cover of their reading record.

This sticker will contain a unique username and password for your child to log into a website called 'Times Table Rockstars'.

Your child's username will consist of (in most cases) the first three letters of their first name and the first three letters of their surname.

For example:

David Smith would be...


The username is always entered using lowercase letters.

Your child's password will be a combination of four different animals

For example:

A zebra, an elephant, a dog and a lion.

To enter the password you just click on the correct animal pictures in the right order.

To login for the first time follow these simple steps:

Open your internet browser (this should work on most tablets, PC's and laptops).

Type in this web address:

Here you will see a page asking you to type in a school name or post code...

Please type in:

Barton Junior School or CT16 2ND and click on it when it appears

You will then be able to type in your child's username.

Then CLICK ON PIN - this will take you to the page where you can click the correct combination of animals.

And that's it you're logged in, maybe for the first time...

Now you need to select your Rock Star name before you start learning your times tables, earning coins and gaining a Rockstar status.


Why have we chosen to start this in Year Two?

This software has proved so successful in providing an educational but thoroughly engaging way for the children to learn their times tables. We really value your support and assistance with helping your child log in and the learning of their times tables. 


Thank You

Mr Talbert (Aka Miami Velvet) and Miss Philpott (Aka Gabriela Alder)

Seesaw logo

We are back on SEESAW under our new class names.

We are very excited to be able to share your child's learning and experiences with you. 

We are hopefully going to be sending out invites via QR codes to you very soon, please look out for these.

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Our P.E days: 

The P.E days for year two children is scheduled for Wednesday and Friday.

Please remove your child's earrings on these days - The adults in the school are not allowed to remove any children's earrings. However, if your child can remove them we will provide an envelope to keep them safe. 





Children will need to come to school WEARING their school uniform where they will then change into their PE kit at school.



Children will only need to WEAR a P.E kit to school for Friday's P.E lesson.

Sports clothing and suitable trainers or pimsolls are required as PE may take place outside...


We will update you throughout the year with any changes to P.E days.