Year Two

Welcome to Year Two


 David Attenborough & Steve Jobs

David Attenborough Class Teacher Miss Philpott
Steve Jobs Class Teacher Mr Talbert
Teaching Assistant Mrs Quinn
Teaching Assistant Mrs Edwards

What is the best biscuit to dunk in a cup of tea? 










Eating the Titanic (Well the food that was served onboard)...







On Friday we were lucky enough to taste some of the food that would have been served on the Titanic. We had to try and understand what type of food  been served to the 1st class and the 3rd class passengers would have eaten onboard.


Who do all these items below to?

Neil Armstrong

Miss Philpott and Mr Talbert found a box in school and it contained the following things:


A large American flag,


A piece of rock,


A space helmet,


and a NASA badge.


The children thought that these items might belong to Neil Armstrong.

Perhaps that was his space helmet and NASA badge. Maybe he got that piece of rock from the Moon. Could that be a spare American flag?

Finding these items made us all want to learn even more about the first person to walk on the moon...

Year Two seashore safari trip to Reculver...

On Thursday the year two children enjoyed discovering the habitats of crabs, oysters and seaweed on their seashore safari of Reculver beach... Below you can see some amazing pictures of the day...


Reculver 1










Get set... Bake......


As part of our preparations for the Harvest assembly we baked delicious bread...

Bake off

It tasted AMAZING!




Our topics this year for 2022/23 are:






Information Coming Soon...


Term 1 - Week 1 - Login details, contact with teachers, P.E Days, what to bring and what not to bring... We're back!


We will hopefully have our very own class email address set up and running really soon and would love to hear from you with messages or pictures of what you have been doing whilst at home! 

In the meantime, we are also here for any questions or queries you may have.  Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by phoning the school office. Please rest assure that all messages will reach us.

Please email, instead of passing on messages after school. Thank you.

Star of the Week - Mascots




If your child is lucky enough to be awarded this weeks 'Star of the Week' award they we be able to take home their classes mascot...

Please take them on an adventure and record your adventure through, pictures, writing and anything imaginable on the sheets of paper given to your child...

Please look after our mascots and return them on Monday...



Seesaw logo

We are back on SEESAW under our new class names.

We are very excited to be able to share your child's learning and experiences with you. 

We are hopefully going to be sending out invites via QR codes to you very soon, please look out for these.






To support your child's reading from home each child will have access to a broad range of digital reading books.

Each eBook features an audio recording that is synchronised to the text, highlighting each word s it is heard.

The ebooks also include checkpoint quizzes and an end of book quiz to check children's comprehension skills. 

Whilst reading and after reading, please ensure that your child completes any quiz questions assigned to each book. This will allow us to gauge their understanding and will help with answering comprehension questions. 

If you have any issues logging in to your account please email us.

P.E Days:

Kisspng student physical education middle school pe cliparts 5aaa20241cbbf8.8973545115210987881177

P.E days for year two children are scheduled for Tuesday and Friday.

Please remove your child's earrings on these days



Children will only need to WEAR a P.E kit to school for Friday's P.E lesson.

Sports clothing and suitable trainers or pimsolls are required as PE may take place outside...