Pastoral Team

Mrs Swaffer P&P Support

Mrs Maria Swaffer is the Parent and Pupil Support Officer.

Mrs Gartshore is the lead Medical practitioner in the School. Together with Mrs Biddle Headteacher and Mrs Buckingham-Dudley the SENCO they form a strong Pastoral support team. Mrs Biddle is lead DSL for the School with Mrs Swaffer leading day to day on safeguarding matters. Mrs Dudley, Miss Hesselworth and Mrs Baacke are also deputy DSLs.

We follow a 'Thrive' approach to supporting pupils who need help with their personal and social development. We also use the Leuven Scales for well-being thoughout the School.

Mrs Gartshore Speech and Language TA : Medical

Mrs Gartshore - Lynn Gartshore liaises with any parents who need support with any medical conditions and management of medicines in School.


Juno is Shatterlocks' Therapy Dog. She comes into School on Thrusday mornings and amily works with Collette, the School Counsellor. However, if Juno is allowed, she likes to visit some of the classrooms and say hello! She especially likes a tummy rub!

Juno is quite little and very gentle so she is not a frightening or scary dog. Juno is a Cocker Spaniel and she is nearly 5 years old. She has been coming to Shatterlocks since was 2 years old.

Children can stroke, cuddle, read to Juno as well as talk to her. They can take her lead and walk her to and from class.

A dog can be just the right thing to make you feel better.