Early Reading

At Shatterlocks Infant and nursery school we promote reading to be an enjoyable experience and allow the children to follow their interests.  We provide a wide range of texts within the class room.  All children take home a story book of their choice daily and each child is provided with an accurate levelled reading book. Your child’s progress is closely monitored by the teaching staff with the support from parents.  We have a wide range of reading schemes to ensure children emerge themselves in a range of texts.  We also have a school library which the children visit throughout the week.  We aim to involve parents in the learning process within the English curriculum, as we believe that partnership with parents is a vital factor in the progress and achievement of our pupils. We teach synthetic phonics daily throughout the Foundation Stage and through Key Stage One.  We follow the ‘Song of Sounds’ scheme and use other resources to support the teaching of phonics including Jolly phonics.